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Billes boitier Sugino??


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Non pas toujours dans des c est pas le bordel,comme tu tu mets la graisse adequate. sans les cages tu elimines la friction.contre les cuvettes.

passe cela au traducteur de google : les billes seules sont parfois utilisees.

Keirin racers are known to still use loose ball bb, even though Octalink is NJS certified. They do this because the loose ball are not sealed and they can use oil instead of grease when they race, both reducing bb drag. I have said this before, that I believe that the BB30 will probably replace external bb, as it still supports the bb bearings inside the shell and still allows for a larger dia spindle. If there is a weakness with square taper, it might be its inability to withstand some 10'+ drops. Yes, the larger dia spindle will withstand the drop, but it's only a matter of time before the poorly supported bearings fail. So you might want to think twice before you upgrade to to external bb

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